Sunday, October 27, 2013

Volunteer to interview for GLBTQ Latino/a Violence

Please help spread the word about volunteering for this important study!!! 
Research on violence in the GLBTQQ community that focuses on Latino/a issues is extremely important. If you are a Latino/a and GLBTQ, please consider volunteering for an interview. It will take you about three hours for the interview and you will receive a $25 Visa gift card. More importantly, you can participate in this much needed research. Thank you!!!!!

Violence/Harm and Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Latina &
Latino Experiences

The purpose of this research project is to better understand the experiences of Latin/a GLBTQ who experience harm/violence in their lives because of who they are. The study seeks to understand what harm/violence people have encountered throughout their life, when and why they have felt safer or affirmed, and their opinions about harm/violence in society. A researcher will conduct a confidential, audio recorded three (3) hour interview. A $25.00 VISA giftcard will be given to all participants who complete the interview. Please contact the e-mail below if you meet the following:
1. Are you of Latin American descent?
2. Are you transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer?
3. Have you experienced some type of harm/violence because of who you are?
4. Are you at least 18 years old?
5. Do you currently live in the state of Texas?
6. If an immigrant, have you lived in the United States for at leasfive (5) years?

This study has been approved by The University of Texas at Austin Institutional Review Board. If you are interested in volunteering to be interviewed and would like more information, please contact David Glisch-Sánchez by e-mail at

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spanish Interview with Bill O'Reilly

Unbelievably shameful activity from Fox news and other conservative “news” outlets that ran the video produced Andrew Breitbart last week. Mr. Breitvart is the conservative blogger who posted the precisely edited video of Shirley Sherrod, a federal administrator in the Department of Agriculture . The video unfairly portrayed her as a racist and many Faux news commentators, like Bill O’Reilly, were quick to engage in the McCarthyism and character assassination fervor that ensued and demanded her resignation.

Well, the truth finally came out. The actual video showed that Ms. Sherrod was only using the story as an example of how we all need to reassess our own long held beliefs for any prejudice. There was no apology from Fox News. Although Bill did air what he called an apology, he still claimed he was correct.

Yet no one seems to want to hold these commentators accountable. Well, leave it to the foreign media to at least try. Here is a Spanish journalist trying to get some answers from Bill O’Reilly and, as usual, he only bleats and spits out nonsense.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Personal Ad Interpretations, for Free

GBM seeks DDF GWM or GBM must be HWP.

BHM ISO of similar BHM for possible LTR.

I find it difficult to turn away from the alphabet soup of personal ads. I have developed an addiction to perusing the gay personal ad section of any website or newspaper. And, quite honestly, I think I have developed a gift for reading between the lines of these ads. In fact, many of my gay single buddies will hand me a copy of a personal ad they are interested in responding to so I can provide an interpretive reading. To demonstrate this gift, I pulled some ads from the Yahoo! personals so I can give you insight into my “reading” skills.

The first rule is to ignore the pictures. Keep in mind that these were most likely taken several years ago, under the most ideal lighting conditions, photoshopped extensively and now have little resemblance to anything human, much less the person in the ad.

The second rule is to add ten pounds to their professed weight, ten years to their proclaimed age and subtract 10K from their stated income.

Pay special attention to these warning signs:

1. From the Yahoo! personals: Only DDF need apply or DDF only

DDF= drug and disease free

These unrealistic, sordos don’t understand that we are all imperfect beings with different physical flaws. Everyone has diseases ranging from halitosis to toe nail fungus. If what they really mean is that they don’t want anyone who has HIV to respond, then don’t bother responding, even if you aren’t HIV+. Because chances are good that you will get a disease: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, all will come with age and don’t expect this guy to hang around. Don’t bother investing your time.

And it amazes me how many of those that seek drug free partners also admit to being a smoker and/or a drinker. If what they want is: no pot smokers or no illegal drug use, then they should say so.

2. From a Yahoo! personal ad: I'm a pretty masculine wouldn't know I'm gay unless I told you. I do tend to prefer only masculine guys as well.

These guys have a deluded machismo self image and see themselves as Russell Crowe in Gladiator or Clint Eastwood, looking for the Marlboro man to respond to their ad. The truth is that a majority of these guys are the most flaming, nellie queens in our community that, when confronted by a tree cockroach, will run screaming from the insect, leaving a trail of submissive pee. They’re the ones most likely to squeal with joy at the sight of Fiestaware or the new, awful Sex and the City installment.

Avoid responding to these ads from men suffering from deeply internalized homophobia. They will never find anyone who meets their unrealistic definition of a “man”. The truth is we all have a few masculine and feminine characteristics and being able to appreciate the feminine (or masculine) essence in our partners is part of a mature relationship.

3. From the Yahoo! personals: Bear in search of boys or 55 ISO 20 – 30

I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask, who doesn’t want a partner that is twenty or thirty years younger. But these ads are based on gay porn fantasies and have little to do with finding a realistic life mate. Even if he did find someone that much younger, what would they have in common? The younger guy would spend all his time playing games on Wii and the older guy would spend all his time trying to take a wee.

Unless you’re a male escort or prostitute, skip these ads.

In general, it appears that a lot of love seekers are looking for walking partners (again from the Yahoo! personals):

I want to meet someone who is into midnight nature hikes…

I ‘d like to meet someone that will appreciate simple walks on Town Lake.

I want to enjoy walking on the beach with that special someone.

…looking for someone to take long walks with….

I don’t understand what the fascination is with walking. It’s as if most of these people think that relationships are like the couples walking hand in hand in a Viagra commercial or a movie on the Lifetime Network.

Here are some of my other ad interpretations:

Looking for someone who enjoys the simple things in life. Translation: codo, or cheap.

I am considered attractive or People tell me I am a catch. Really? Who? Your doting grandmother? Your loyal dog? The near-sighted woman who panhandles on your street corner? Something doesn’t add up, stay away.

Looking for someone who can appreciate the little things in life. This person is letting you know they are not very well endowed.

Looking for a soul mate: Obsessive stalker.

Professional: Works at a desk with a computer.

Conservative: Doesn’t read newspapers.

Likes to travel: Owns a car.

Social drinker: Alcoholic.

Humorous: On great meds.

Religious: On really great meds.

Artist or musician: Unemployed.

Romantic: Low or average IQ.

Honest: Prison inmate.

Athletic: Owns a pair of tennis shoes

Adventurous: Slut

Finally, here is an unsolicited personal ad that everyone on one my GLBT Yahoo! groups received. You have to be pretty desperate to mass distribute your ad to unknown strangers. Below is the ad (which is pretty funny on its own) and then my interpretation.

I am 34 years. I am a 5'10" Hispanic male. 230 lbs. Average body frame. My hometown is Brownsville, Texas. I am looking for anyone who wants to be spoiled. Wanting to have a good time. No strings attached.
Be spontaneous. Be willing to explore. Be open minded. Attractive. We can spend a weekend at the
Island....we would enjoy a hot day by the beach listening to the roar of the water and the sea gulls talking some nice 80s music, and some beers or wine coolers. We would then head back to the room amd shower. The bathroom would have candles, no light, we would get into the bath tub. I would message your feet and your back and feed you some grapes and cheese over wine. We would then take a nap. Wake up and go to the beach again at night sit by a fire where we
would roast some hotdogs and enjoy the night sky, and the sound of waves hitting the sand. Sneak into a sleeping bag and cuddle...more?

I am 34 years old (although old enough to use correct grammar or spelling, I am too drunk or excited to do so).

I am a 5'10" Hispanic male. 230 lbs. Average body frame. My hometown is Brownsville,

Texas (in Brownsville, a 5'10'', 230 pound body is considered an average frame).

I am looking for anyone who wants to be spoiled. (I am willing to cede power in this relationship for someone younger and more attractive).

Wanting to have a good time. (Is there anyone who doesn’t?) No strings attached. (uh huh, you must be doing this as community service) .

(You) Be spontaneous. (ignore your inner voice that is screaming at you NOT to respond to this personal ad)

Be willing to explore. (I am kinky) Be open minded. (I am VERY kinky) Attractive. (Of course)

We can spend a weekend at the Island....we would enjoy a hot day by the beach listening to the roar of the water and the sea gulls talking, (Um, birds don’t usually talk to me, SCHIZO)

some nice 80s music, (because nothing goes better with the beach than Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and a Flock of Seagulls)

and some beers or wine coolers. (ALKIE)

We would then head back to the room amd shower. The bathroom would have candles, no light, we would get into the bath tub (wait a minute, I thought we were taking a shower, how is your “average frame” going to fit in the tub with me?)

I would message your feet (FOOT FETISH)

and your back (Buddy, I would not turn my back on you in the tub. Is this the part where you push my head underwater?)

and feed you some grapes and cheese over wine. (Mmm-mm, soapy grapes and soggy cheese)

We would then take a nap. (WTF? What are you? My nanny? Control issues)

Wake up and go to the beach again (Jesus, I was there all day)

at night sit by a fire where we would roast some hotdogs and enjoy the night sky, and the sound of waves hitting the sand. (The beach at SPI prohibits open fire pits, so I picture myself sitting at a cold picnic table watching your cheap, fat ass try to warm weenies in a BBQ pit.),

Sneak into a sleeping bag and cuddle (What happened? Did we get kicked out of our room? Are we sneaking up on unsuspecting campers on the beach?)...more? (NO MAS, NO MAS!)